• China fully implements the “reporting system”...

    The “copying system” for imported cosmetics that has been piloted in Shanghai and other free trade pilot zones has to be implemented nationwide. This system reform will accelerate the efficiency of imported cosmetics into the Chinese market.


  • Heavy reform: the first time the import of non-...

    The first is to clarify the way of reform. Among the first batch of administrative examination and approval items involving enterprises involved in the scope of the “Separation of Licenses” reform, there are two items for the approval of private


  • How to create wealth through social marketing? ...

    From September 27th to 29th, the 2018 China Beauty (Zhengzhou) category exhibition was grandly opened at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition reconstructs people, fields, goods, and nets, and integrates new retail, new products, and new bonuses. The scene i...


  • What are the characteristics of a company that ...

    During this time, China Beauty Net reporter is running the market in Henan, visiting local well-established agents and chain stores, in order to listen to the most vocal voice in the market.


  • “Younger + New Retail”, Spring/Summer opens a...

    As a brand new young brand of JALA, a leading company in China's cosmetics industry, spring and summer, it has gained a lot of attention from its birth, and its performance in spring and summer is as infinitely dynamic and possible as its name.


  • Innovation is supreme, the left is king, and Ru...

    At the meeting, Mr. Chen Zhanxiong, Director of Libai Group and General Manager of Shanghai New Gaozi, gave a speech. He just started from the consumer and made a detailed analysis of Runzhisu brand positioning and category planning. He said that Runzhisu will


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